Based in Fife, Scotland, Alpha Bagpipes has many years of experience in bagpipe and reed making. Hand crafting of Highland Bagpipes is well regarded. Using traditional Henderson bores for the drones, the sound produced compliments the look of the pipes totally.  Quality materials are chosen with environmental concerns in mind, keeping waste to a minimum.

Bagpipes made to order. Bagpipe repairs & refurbs.

Bagpipe reeds - drone, pipe & practice chanter.

Bagpipe music composition/ commission.

Event piping.

Bagpipe related items for sale.



A very robust practice reed, you will not be disappointed. Suitable for beginners and stronger blowers alike.

-- Those of you who require a clothes peg in your practice chanter can always pop down to your local hardware store --

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Sound files of the reed in action on various practice chanters are available to listen to below.

These are 3 different reeds, not the same reed 3 times!


Hand crafted cane drone & pipe chanter reeds. Tested before dispatch. 

Hand crafted plastic practice chanter reeds, tested in standard and long chanters before dispatch - please advise on requirement when ordering. 

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