• Andi MacInnes

It's in the bag!

Updated: Mar 26


This word should be synonymous with a musical genre, not to everyone's taste I grant you, but nonetheless 'musical' for that. To an exponent of the art of Bagpiping, this often means a painful experience from the outset which hasn't improved with age and experience. But why is this? I theorise on one possible reason, but there will be more and this may not be yours.

Take the size of the bag. Over the years I've had to advise numerous bagpiper's struggling with their instrument that the bag could be the issue and, when reduced or increased in size, have seen a real improvement in stature, blowing and confidence. I came to this conclusion after sorting out my own bag issue when I was 18 years old. Having struggled, as I now know, with a large bag (6ft 1inch tall meant a 'large' bag, right - wrong!) for some years before.

So, is your bag right for you?

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